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The TwizzleWhizz team are all mums. With seven small people between them, they understand the trials and tribulations of parenting and you name it, the chances are one of their little ones will have done it and got the t-shirt.

Kate Wogan

Uh Oh Milo has been brought to life through the magic and imagination of Kate Wogan; mum of two (occasional) Mischief Makers, the real-life inspirations for Milo and Mary. By conjuring up fun stories and characters, Kate found a way to help her own little ones navigate their preschool behaviours. So with the support of two Magical Grannies, Kate’s books show that with a bit of adventure, and a spell or two, teaching good manners, can be great fun.

Helen Faulkner

Helen Faulkner is the one with the paintbrush. With 21 years in design and illustration she can finally draw a straight line. Proud mum to her own little Milo, with the stroke of a brush she makes the mischief, the characters and the fun come alive – with every turn of the page.

Liz Barette

Liz Barette is the Uh Oh Milo! marketing maestro who transports Kate’s stories into the lives of children everywhere, through their book loving grown-ups.  A busy mum of two curious mini-superheroes and a playful little puppy, Liz is often a juggler, a mother and a building brick builder – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Natasha Gould

Natasha Gould is the social media storyteller who brings Milo into all our lives through fun images and words that spark the imagination. With two little warrior girls, she lives in a house brimming with creative chaos, mischievous misses and toddler tantrums, but luckily, her Magical Granny is always on hand to help.

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Explore the world of Milo, Mary and their magical Granny as they encounter a different Mischief Maker in every story. Join the gang to discover that with a bit of imagination, and a spell or two, good manners can be really great fun!

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