Meet some of the Mischief Makers

Impolite Imp

Uh Oh! There’s an Imp in Granny’s handbag, so there’s just one thing to do… magic away the cheeky play and make good manners save the day! 

Beastly Bogel

It’s playtime pandemonium as the Beastly Bogels run amok – but with one swish of Granny’s wand, the chaos turn to happy calm and there’s hugs for everyone. 

Gobbling Goblin

It’s lunchtime in the Milo house, which can only mean one thing. The Gobbling Goblins have sat down to eat, bringing mischief to the table! 

Have fun with Milo

Bring the magic of Uh Oh Milo! to life for you and your little-ones.  

With just one click, download one of our happy heroes or cheeky Mischief Makers to create your own colourful characters together.  So much fun for everyone!

Share your mini-masterpieces with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @UhOhMilo to inspire even more mini-Milos and Marys to colour their own magical world.