Uh Oh Milo! 3 Book Bundle Special Offer

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Buy all 3 Uh Oh Milo! picture books for a special price of £18.99 inc free postage and packaging.

Make learning ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, gentle play and table manners really fun – and get all 3 of these new adventures delivered straight to your door!

Uh Oh Milo! - The Beastly Bogels

Meet the cheeky Beastly Bogels who get over excited and carried away, demanding attention when they come to play! Can you help Milo, Mary and Granny make sure everyone is happy and bring calm back to the playroom?

Uh Oh Milo! - The Impolite Imps

Is your little one forgetting their manners? Everyone loves to hear Please and Thank You. The Impolite Imps take you on a journey of fun and laughter so you don't feel like you're forever telling your child off. Help your child learn through storytime!

Uh Oh Milo! - The Gobbling Goblins

Meet the greedy Gobbling Goblins who have abandoned their table manners, eating with their fingers, toes and even their noses! Can you help Milo, Mary and Granny create a magic potion to restore harmony, and cutlery, to the dining table?

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