Making Manners Fun!

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Making Manners Fun

Helping parents everywhere
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Welcome to
Uh Oh Milo!

Is there a Beastly Bogel getting carried away in the playroom?

Or a Fairy who’s a little full of herself having all the fun?

Perhaps there’s a Tantrum Troll playing in your pants drawer, the Impolite Imps have come to call, or a Gobbling Goblin has messed up your mealtimes?

Whichever Mischief Maker you find in your home, now there’s a new children’s book series filled with fun stories, a touch of mischief and a sprinkle of education.  Join Milo and the gang to discover exciting ways to help you magic bad manners away – and fill every day with happy play!

Meet Milo

A fun loving, freckle-sporting 5 year old on a magical mission to tame some cheeky little Mischief Makers.  With endless fun and a life-lesson or two, where will Milo’s adventures take you?

Meet Mary

With a swirl of her tutu and a twinkle in her eye, Milo’s mischievous little sister is the perfect partner to help him tackle the missed-manners and mysterious mayhem at Granny’s house – before it’s too late!

Meet Granny

Granny is a nana like no other. With one swish of her magic wand, the Mischief Makers calm right down and the problems turn to play.

Help Teach Your Child Good Manners

Meet all these Mischief Makers and more in this brand-new picture book series, Uh Oh Milo!

Have fun alongside Milo, Mary and their magical Granny as they are confronted by some of these playful, surprise visitors and find out what happens when Granny uses her magical powers to persuade them to change their mischievous ways!

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